Dot. Rockface ultraviolet 120/67 positive to negative . layared paper 3D printed lithophane . photosculpture



It is only with the heart that one can see rightly…
What is essential is invisible to the eye…
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince)


Underexposed Superimposed unexposed colour negative . enlarged transparant filmrepro


In awe of the infinite, inconceivable largeness,
you are painting ideas of an untraveled experience.
(Niall Martin, Walking in the Woods)


Walking in the Woods handmade artist bookbundle . laser cut eroded steel cover . multi paper prints . design: Teun van der Heijden


All that is solid melts into air. (Marshall Berman)


Parallax dia positive . diamond glass print



Not quite there, yet completely: A limitless accumulation of the imperfect.


Not quite there, yet completely. Solar camera phone . tele-binocular optics . UV filtered sunglass . original format duratrans . carbon cast frame

solar__0004_1 solar__0003_2 solar__0002_3 solar__0001_4 solar__0000_5
. . . solar__0000_6 .


Not quite there, yet completely. Lunar camera phone . tele-binocular optics . polarized filter . original format duraclear C-print

lunar__0000_1 lunar__0001_2 lunar__0002_3 lunar__0003_4 lunar__0004_5 lunar__0005_6 lunar__0006_7 lunar__0007_8 lunar__0008_9 lunar__0009_10 lunar__0010_11 lunar__0011_12 lunar__0012_13
lunar__0013_14 lunar__0014_15 lunar__0015_16 lunar__0016_17 lunar__0017_18 lunar__0018_19 lunar__0019_20 lunar__0020_21 lunar__0021_22 lunar__0022_23 lunar__0023_24 lunar__0024_25 lunar__0025_26
lunar__0026_27 lunar__0027_28 lunar__0028_29 lunar__0029_30 lunar__0030_31 lunar__0031_32 lunar__0032_33 lunar__0033_34 lunar__0034_35 lunar__0035_36 lunar__0036_37 lunar__0037_38 lunar__0038_39


The significance is hiding in the insignificant, appreciate everything
(Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now)

Corners. camera phone . 1 week 1 hour interval . scaled fine art hahnemule on hardwood



The present is a fine line…

Timothy Zwitser.

van Oldenbarneveltstraat 135.B02

3012 GT Rotterdam

T. +31 06 34 76 88 38


I’m pleased to announce that the printed processes have started on produced work. I’m finishing what I’ve left undone. To follow these processes keep an eye out for my blog by clicking the symbols I’ve inserted on this website.

I am currently working on a new body of work “Dot”. A photo-geological survey (of sorts) of the earth’s surface and outer atmosphere. For now my research includes: A series of adaptive orbital photographs and personal experiments of/with rudimentary surfaces, such as rock-faces and photosensitive surfaces. I’m looking to stay in Nepal over a period of a month for research and production. For this reason I am looking to find interesting collaborations with partners and insitutes operating withinnthe arts and science community. The rest is history, here I go!

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The work of Timothy Zwitser explores and utilizes natural phenomena in order to capture an authentic (sensory) experience. It is reminiscent of a more primordial time; one of connection with our natural environment through prolongued observation and attention. While the visual appearance of his works often reminds us of modernist and abstract painting, it is his emotional awareness in combination with a use of new technologies that propel the work into the contemporary, making visible a place that is too often overlooked in the murmur of everyday life.


• Walking in the Woods • the Royal Academy of Arts • the Hague • 06/07/2013
• a photo thesis of the present • Art Rotterdam/van Krimpen Gallery • Rotterdam • 03/2013

• a photo thesis of the present • van Krimpen Gallery • Amsterdam • 12/01/2013
• Not quite there, yet completely • Het Nutshuis • the Hague • 11/12/2012
• Parallax/Triple Dot • CAFA Gallery/Photospring Festival • Beijing • 04/2012
• Parallax/Triple Dot • Struggle • Creatief Warenhuis HOOP • the Hague • 12/2011
• Twilight/White • Storing • Creatief Warenhuis HOOP • the Hague • 12/2010

• Walking in the Woods, a Conversation on the work of Timothy Zwitser • Menno Vuister, Niall Martin • Amsterdam • 02/2013

• Twilight/White • NEW Dutch photography talent issue • GUP Magazine • 01/2012

• Walking in the Woods • Artist Book • Teun van der Heijden/Heijdens Karwei • Self Published (12) • the Hague • 06/08/2013

• Triple Dot Investigations • Handmade dummy • Self Published (6) • 02/2012

• HOOP Residentie • Curator/programming • HOOP Den Haag • Project Space • the Hague • 21/03/2014
• CONTINUUM MoonMars • Conceptual Development & Art Direction • TodaysArt/ESA • Scheveningen • 04/05/2015

• TAB Space • Art Research Organisation • Art Direction • the Hague • 2013/2014
• Articles/Art Reviews • GUP Magazine Web-blog • Yvi Magazine • 2012 & 2014

• BA of Art/Design • the Royal Academy of Art • the Hague • 2008/2013
• NPP • Journalism • HBO Fontys Hogeschool • Tilburg • 2006

• Henk Wildschut • Documentary Photographer • Amsterdam | 01.2011/07.2011